American Journey

American Journey is a series of new programs curated by Kristin, which she is performing with the acclaimed multi-faceted pianist, Jeremy Jordan.

A native of Seoul, Korea, Kristin emigrated to the U.S. at the age of seven. During her childhood, playing the violin was a refuge for Kristin from bullying and racism — she moved to the U.S. not speaking any English, and feels the violin became her voice. As a foreign-born citizen of America, Kristin was compelled to select this repertoire to express her pride of the country she now calls her own, and offers these programs that have a distinct and recognizable sound of American music and its rich history. American Journey encapsulates both Kristin Lee's journey as an American, as well as the journeys of the composers in the United States.

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Emerald City Music

Emerald City Music is a chamber music series based in Upper Left USA – Seattle and Olympia, Washington – created by Artistic Director Kristin Lee and Executive Director Andrew Goldstein. Kristin constructed seven themed programs for the inaugural season, which started in September 2016.

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Double Helix

On April 25, 2014, LiveConnections and Astral Artists presented violinist Kristin Lee and special guests in an imaginative chamber music collaboration. Kristin's "Double Helix" project featured world premieres by composers whom Kristin commissioned to write new works for unusual pairings of violin with another instrument.

Double Helix

"This program sums up the key elements as to what I believe is important in music, or any art form-- exploration, inspiration, and collaboration. We explore by listening to the different types of music, whether it may be written three hundred years ago or this past month. When we experience this variety of music in one setting, it allows us to have an open mind and different perspectives. We are inspired by this experience which evokes new ideas and curiosity. We then bring these creative ideas together by collaborating and thereby forming a shared new level of understanding and appreciation." – Kristin Lee


PATRICK CASTILLO – Dreamers often lie for violin and spoken words
SHOBANA RAGHAVAN – In the Air for violin, South Indian carnatic voice, and percussion
ANDY AKIHO – Deciduous for violin and steel pan
VIVIAN FUNG – Twist for violin and guitar
JAKUB CIUPINSKI – Glitch for violin and "hacked" theremin


Double Helix, The Documentary

Featuring performing artists: Kristin Lee, violin; Patrick Castillo, spoken words; Bridget Kibbey, harp; John Hadfield, percussion; Shobana Raghavan, South Indian carnatic singing; Ian Rosenbaum, steel pan; Jason Vieaux, guitar

Film by Zac Nicholson

Double Helix, World Premiere in Philadelphia

Kristin performed with Patrick Castillo, spoken word; Jakub Ciupiński, theremin; John Hadfield, percussion; Bridget Kibbey, harp; Shobana Raghavan, South Indian Carnatic singing; Ian Rosenbaum, steel pan; and Jason Vieaux, guitar.

The concert featured world premieres by composers Andy Akiho, Patrick Castillo, Jakub Ciupiński, Vivian Fung and Shobana Raghavan.