Kristin Lee put the finishing touches on her superb evening of music-making: her tone has a satiny sheen.”

– Oberon's Grove

Lee and Vonsattel’s beautifully synchronized performance of the Ravel Sonata No. 2 was a pleasure with its nuances and dynamic changes, its tonal warmth, and the last movement’s ‘perpetuum mobile’ a credit to Lee who made its warp-speed seem easy.”

– The SunBreak

Kristin Lee gave a sterling performance, reveling in the demands Spohr placed on her...the performance was beautifully integrated and seamless.”

– Oberon's Grove

Concertmaster Kristin Lee radiated warmth with tasteful inflections and glissandi”

– South Florida Classical Review

the ensemble chose the perfect advocate in Kristin Lee for the Fourth Concerto, among the flashiest of Baroque fiddle concertos ... Lee’s captivating advocacy and the uncanny synchronicity of [flutists] Langevin and Wincenc made for an enthralling performance.”

– Chicago Classical Review

For the 4th's finale, I jotted "Speed Demon" next to Ms. Lee's name: I vastly enjoyed watching her rapid bowing here: fabulous!”

– Oberon's Grove is rare to hear a violinist with such a mellow, confident and stable sound, who does not need intensive vibrato to fill the room and carry out over the orchestra.”

– Sundsvalls Tidning

How have I missed Kristin Lee? An artist with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, she delivered a powerfully constructed and played programme, one of the most satisfying recitals that I’ve heard in years. She seems entirely comfortable with stylistic diversity, which is one criterion that separates the run-of-the-mill instrumentalists from true artists.”

– The Strad

The solo violin part ranges from ghostly harmonics to big, forceful statements. Lee brought a perfect balance of finesse and vigor to the piece, giving a driven, commanding performance that demanded and got rapt attention from the audience.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

If violinist Kristin Lee had been trying to spotlight her splendid bow arm, she couldn’t have chosen a better program than the one she and pianist Michael Mizrahi put together for their concert at the Phillips Collection on Sunday.”

The Washington Post

...we could have called it ‘Lee’ Sonata for the highly accomplished violinist who wowed the audience with a powerful and heroic opening movement that led the audience to burst out in applause at its conclusion.”



It’s not often that one attends a concert and hears a young virtuoso – not in the making, but fully realized – as a master. Violinist Kristin Lee was simply spectacular…This is a violinist who has everything: superlative technique to burn, interpretative mastery and incredible sensitivity to the various styles of music she performed. Lee was in full possession of the skills required to colorize the violin tone to create the widest possible gamut of expression, from perfectly tuned harmonics to the most intensely vigorous, but never strident, playing. Listening to her, I was reminded of the young Isaac Stern. In a word, the recital was flawless. This is a violinist with a brilliant future.”

– Stephen Dankner, The Advocate (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)

[Kristin Lee’s] technique is flawless, and she has a sense of melodic shaping that reflects an artistic maturity... The way she worked into an entrance or picked up a theme from the orchestra was miraculous…”

– St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Lee met the challenges [of Brahms’ Violin Concerto] head-on with her already formidable talent. With flair and passion, she sang us an intensely lyric poem of epic proportion…It was a performance of the first caliber.”

Albuquerque Journal

…violinist Kristin Lee…was operating on such a high level that the music carried the day.”

– The Philadelphia Inquirer